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About Us



My name is Katajh Marshall. A videographer and visionary from Hampton, Virginia who moved to Northern Virginia after marrying my wife Katie. We have three children whose personalities are as bright as the stars.  

We started this family business together in November 2021. I found the passion for videography in college when we were tasked with doing a promotional video project for a business of our choice. I chose a barbershop that I would get my haircuts from at the time. I was able to capture the cultural importance and the feeling of comradery within the barbershop. The feedback I received from my peers and the guys from the barbershop ignited a fire in me and made me realize I had a talent to tell stories that touch people and I wanted to promote businesses and be of service.


My wife and I started to realize that a lot of the businesses in Gainesville and other areas were lacking video content on social media. When we would look for new places to eat or events to attend we wouldn't find much or know what to expect. We thought providing video content services would help inform, promote, and garner more attention from people all around. So we started Marshall Media Enterprises, LLC.

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